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My name is Ingls Aguiar, and I am proud to be an immigration lawyer licensed in three countries. Originally from Brazil, I am also a citizen of Portugal and the United States.


My diverse background allows me to bring a unique perspective to my practice and better serve clients navigating the complex immigration process in Portugal and Brazil.


I am dedicated to providing the best possible guidance and support to individuals seeking to build a new life in a new country. With my expertise and understanding of the challenges immigrants face, I am committed to helping my clients overcome obstacles and achieve their immigration goals.


With unwavering faith, relentless hard work, and unwavering determination, I firmly believe anything is possible. Remember, never give up!



In 2019 Aguiar earned her degree in U.S. General Studies. She graduated from the Cardozo School of Law at Yeshiva University with a Dean’s Merit Scholarship. Shortly thereafter, she was licensed by the Supreme Court of New York as a Foreign Legal Consultant for Portugal and Brazil.


In 2017 Mrs. Aguiar became an attorney at law admitted in the Portuguese Bar Association.


Mrs. Aguiar earned her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Law at the Catholic University of Pernambuco (UNICAP) in 2010. She became an attorney-at-law admitted to the Brazilian Bar Association in 2011 and specialized in Labor Magistracy and Judiciary Laws in 2012, at the Labor Magistracy School of the 6th Region (ESMATRA VI). 




Mrs. Aguiar is an active member of the Portuguese and Brazilian  Bar Associations, and Member of the International Affairs Committee -  Brazilian Bar Association (OAB)

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